My name is Mark Brown, and I’m the Talent Acquisition and University Relations manager at Constellation Brands. This summer, we have welcomed 86 interns across the U.S. and Mexico, each bringing their unique backgrounds and skills to our teams.

The mission of our University Relations team – part of Constellation’s end-to-end Global Talent function – is to recruit bright minds who share our passion for innovation and excellence. Our internship program is thoughtfully designed to provide interns with a dynamic, enriching experience that sets the stage for launching their careers.

We program a mix of virtual and in-person engagements as we embrace flexible and hybrid working styles. From executive roundtables and innovation summits to team-building offsites, we aspire to build teams that reflect the consumers we serve, including novel points of view from Gen Z to drive our business forward.

This year, we are thrilled to offer our interns experience in a wide range of roles, from finance and operations, to change acceleration and our very first aviation intern. This multi-dimensional experience allows them the opportunity to not only explore their career passions but also cultivate valuable relationships, collaborate effectively, and achieve remarkable success as they prepare to enter the workforce.

We connected with nine of our summer interns to share, in their own words, what they have learned and accomplished during their time with the company.

What attracted you to Constellation Brands and its internship program?

Bharadwaj S., Intern, Data & Analytics: The freedom to explore and express my views was a major reason why I interned at Constellation Brands. Additionally, the mentor program offered me not only a guide but also a friend and a person I can rely on.

Neko F., Intern, Information Security: Constellation Brands drew me in with its phenomenal portfolio, as well as the entrepreneurial culture that has been engrained throughout the organization.

In a couple sentences, describe your typical day as an intern at Constellation Brands.

Noah D., Intern, Brand Management: I use market research to analyze trends in the brown spirits industry and work with brands to apply this information to their strategy. I attend leadership presentations hosted by many top-level executives, and I join meetings with our partners to work on product development, PR events, package refreshes, and more.

Tyler C., Intern, Aviation: My typical day begins with an early morning meeting with the other mechanics. We discuss the plan for the day, including maintenance tasks and flight tracking. My day-to-day assignments vary, as some tasks we have for the company’s aircraft are more complex than others.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned during your time as an intern?

Morgan C., Intern, Talent Development: The biggest lesson I’ve learned during my time as an intern is how important networking is to create more opportunities and provide me with experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Andres P., Intern, Corporate & Solutions Deliver: During my internship, I've learned to step outside my comfort zone, ask questions, and not worry about failure. I know that I'll always miss the chances that I don't take.

What’s been the best part of your internship experience so far?

Sarah B., Intern, Change Acceleration: The best part of my internship experience has been the people. Especially as a returning intern, I’ve realized that the relationships I built in the past were truly authentic, and it has been great to reconnect with everyone. The culture at Constellation Brands is special and like no other, which has made my experience one to remember!

Eileen S., Intern, Lifestyle & Experiential Marketing: The sense of community and encouragement is unlike any other. I feel very lucky to be a part of a group of incredibly hard workers who lift each other up every day!