For more than 75 years, Constellation Brands has been committed to serving as good stewards of the environment, enhancing social equity within our industry and communities, and advocating for responsible beverage alcohol consumption. To find a summary of our strategy, established commitments and targets, and progress, visit our 2023 ESG Impact Report

Our vision as a company is to help elevate human connections and communities, working to create a future for all stakeholders that is truly Worth Reaching For. We do this in part by holding steadfast to our commitments:

  1. Serving as good stewards of our environment
    • Improving water availability and resilience for our communities where we operate. We believe access to clean water is a human right and critical to helping build strong communities. It is our responsibility to be good stewards of the water we use while doing our part to help ensure the resiliency of water resources for future generations.
    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are working to decrease our dependence on nonrenewable energy sources through energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives.
    • Commitment to waste reduction and circular packaging. We seek to continually improve the ways we manage our waste to reduce the environmental impact of our waste generation, transportation, and disposal. For this reason, we are implementing plans to reduce our operational waste and significantly enhance our use of circular packaging across our portfolio.
  2. Enhancing social equity within our industry and communities
    • Championing the professional development and advancement of women in the beverage alcohol industry and in our communities. Women have historically been underrepresented in our industry. We believe that empowering them to succeed fosters a more balanced perspective that benefits our company, industry, and consumers.
    • Enhancing economic development and prosperity in disadvantaged communities. By leveraging the equities of our iconic brands, and connecting with our communities and consumers, we believe we can serve as a catalyst for positive change.
    • Championing an inclusive culture within our organization, characterized by diversity in background and thought, reflective of the consumers we serve. We believe an inclusive workplace culture enables our employees to shine and our business to make meaningful connections with stakeholders, which contributes to our sustainable competitive advantage.
  3. Promoting responsible beverage alcohol consumption
    • Ensuring the responsible promotion and marketing of our products and empowering adults to make responsible choices with alcohol consumption. We believe the responsible consumption of beverage alcohol is important for the health, safety, and wellbeing of us all.

Watch a brief video highlighting our ESG strategy below:


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