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We’re always looking for what’s next—and for partners who think the same way. We team with leaders, brands and companies who embrace opportunities to disrupt the norm and deliver growth. Supporting emerging brands and technologies whose passion equals our own positions us to redefine the future of delivering experiences. Through Constellation Ventures, we collaborate with people and brands to drive innovation and transform the future of the industry together. As consumers trend toward premiumization, we’re exploring new ideas and technologies, and connecting with people and brands that are reaching to fulfill those desires.

Constellation Brands Introduces Focus on Minority Founders

Data shows that the venture capital ecosystem is starkly homogeneous.

In a study of U.S. venture activity from 2013 through 2017, just 1% of VC-backed entrepreneurs were Black. Much work remains in changing that, but we’re proud to play a role in creating progress through our Focus on Minority Founders program.

Inspired by the success of our Focus on Female Founders program, Constellation is committed to investing $100 million in Black/African American and minority-owned businesses over the next 10 years.

In addition to funding, the Focus on Minority Founders initiative will support the growth and development of Black- and minority-owned businesses by providing sales, marketing, operations, and finance expertise through Constellation's many subject matter experts.

Simply put, the only way to truly and authentically connect with all the diverse consumers we serve is by having those perspectives and voices widely present and represented within our business. We look forward to partnering to create disruptive innovation with a group of bold and talented leaders. Apply below.

Focus on Female Founders

Since its launch in late 2018, the Focus on Female Founders initiative has shifted our Ventures portfolio mix from 20% female-owned to nearly 50% female-founded/owned.

And we’re just getting started. Through our commitment to invest $100 million in female-led or founded businesses by 2028, Constellation has teamed up with several visionary companies and their passionate leaders to collaborate on creating the next generation of brands Worth Reaching For.


Latest Initiatives

What we're looking for

Boundary Pushers

Unique brands with a clear point of differentiation in the market.

Growth Seekers

Passionate companies looking to expand their business beyond current markets.

Investment Candidates

Companies ready to take the next step and welcome Constellation Ventures as an active minority investor.

Business Builders

Entrepreneurs who want to grow their brand with the support of our investment, mentorship and expertise.

Forged with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Constellation Brands didn’t ascend to an industry leader overnight. In a journey spanning nearly 75 years, starting with our founder, Marvin Sands, we’ve harnessed our entrepreneurial spirit to grow into a Fortune 500 company.

Our remarkable path forward has always been grounded in our roots and a set of core values:

Vision, tenacity, hard work and passion yield transformative results.

Dream big; it keeps innovation alive.

Take risks, but think them through first.

Acknowledge the visionaries shaping our industry’s future.

What We Offer

Constellation Ventures exists to help grow businesses. We can do that by investing, by sharing our experience and cultivating new relationships within the beverage alcohol space.

Expand Your Experience

With more than 70 years in the beverage alcohol industry, we have learnings and insights that can help from operations to marketing ­­– and across all functional areas.

Build Relationships

Constellation Brands identifies trends before they happen. Our sales and marketing teams understand how to get a product from factory to dinner party. Let us help you cultivate relations with key decision makers in your target markets and channels.

Tap Into Our Network

We can help support the growth of your brand in numerous ways – working with distributors, vendors and thousands of employees, we can offer category insights, feedback on strategic plans, and our people and partners will position your business to thrive.

Invest in the Future

Constellation Ventures aims to be an active minority investor with all of our investments. We want the enthusiasm and excitement for your brand to shine and keep you focused on doing what you do – even better.

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