Strategic Wine Partnerships

At its core, strategic wine partnerships focus on building lasting and impactful partnerships within our industry. Our goal is to drive and support industry growth by building capabilities and sharing capacities to foster innovation, bolster quality, and enhance offerings to the consumer.

At Constellation, we’re always looking to deliver what’s next – and for partners who think the same way. Strategic partnerships is an extension of that belief, offering our expertise and resources to companies and brands looking to push boundaries with us.

Our scope of offerings includes co-packing, wine storage, and custom crush – the latter helping many in our industry create innovative and new-to-world products each and every harvest season.

Together, these services combine to drive speed to market, support capacity growth in a manner that avoids costly capital investments, and drives sustainable and efficient packaging.

Our Value Proposition

Our partnerships create mutually beneficial relationships that enhance revenues, enable cost savings, and diminish operating overheads

Leveraging shared resources, capabilities and strengths, these sustainable and strategic partnerships build scale, enhance core competencies, and collectively grow our industry.

Our Value Proposition


Custom Crush

For over three years, Strategic Wine Partnerships worked with over 200 partners, resulting in the creation of close to 50 new product lines.

In recent years, Constellation has made strategic investments to enhance Custom Crush capabilities. With our vast capacity and in-house, state-of-the-art equipment, we offer Custom Crush capacity across North Coast, Napa, Lodi, and the Central Coast.

Custom Crush

What We Offer

In addition to Custom Crush, Constellation offers juice, shipping or bulk wine storage this harvest within the luxury, mid-tier and commercial segments.


Soledad: Super Premium and Luxury

Gonzales: Premium and Super Premium

Woodbridge: Premium and Super Premium

Quarry: Premium and Super Premium


At our facility in Gonzales, we offer capacity up to 15,000 tons. The winery is focused on large volume, high quality premium and super premium red and white winemaking.


At our facility in Woodbridge, we have just started to offer Custom Crush The winery is focused on large volume, high quality and able to work with all styles: Early Picked Fruit, Balanced and Ripe. Our winemaking includes Pinot Grigio with clean aromatic characteristics, abundant with citrus and fruity aromas. Reds (done in 200 ton fermenter increments), we can centrifuge off and ship out. Also, we can store up to 108,000 gallons or 216,000 gallons increments. At Woodbridge, we ferment in 62k tanks (~50k gallon ferment) minimum then either rack clean or top up.


At our facility in southern Sonoma county, we offer capacity up to 8,000 tons produced primarily with solar power. The winery specializes in high quality premium and super premium red winemaking. Our facility features flexibility in production volumes with stainless fermentation tanks ranging from 750 gallons to 13,000 gallons and includes 54 open top fermenters.


At our facility in Soledad, we offer capacity up to 5,000 tons of super premium to luxury red and white winemaking. One of the capabilities that sets us apart is our temperature controlled open top fermentation with pneumatic punch down (15 to 30 tons). Additionally, we offer jacketed, temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks for fermentation and storage from 1,700 to 58,000 gallons. And, white wine barrel fermentation, along with white and red barrel aging.

Technology and Machinery

Constellation Brands offers industry-leading technology and several state-of-the-art machines, including the following:


  • Red Fermenter Pump-over Automation & Pulsair Technology
  • Floatation for White Juice Clarification
  • Centrifugation
  • High Solids Cross Flow
  • Wine Cross Flow Filtration
  • Spinning Cone
  • Micro-oxygenation


  • Open Top Fermentation with Pneumatic Punch-Down
  • Glycol Jacketed tanks with Heating and Cooling Capabilities
  • Centrifugation
  • High Solids Cross Flow
  • Wine Cross Flow Filtration
  • White Barrel Fermentation
  • Micro-oxygenation


  • Westfalia centrifuges for juice and finished wine clarification
  • Della Toffola Omnia and Padovan Dynamos high solids crossflows for juice and wine lees
  • Continuous and static floatation for juice clarification
  • 4 white pressing areas, all fruit direct to press screw conveyors through press door
  • 62k gallon jacketed white fermenters with Vivelys mixers
  • Automated yeast reactivators and yeast buildup tanks
  • 655k gallon blending tanks
  • Diemme Millenium 260 presses (1 truck or 25 ton)
  • Micro oxygenation capabilities
  • 200 ton red fermenters with dedicated pumps and automated pumpover control
  • Barrel room for barrel fermentation and aging


  • Open top and enclosed stainless fermentation
  • Glycol jacketed fermenters with heating and cooling
  • Pump over and punch down capabilities
  • 2 crush lanes – Pera and Diemme
  • 4 Diemme presses with 22-28 ton red pomace capacity each
  • Micro-oxygenation
  • Cross flow filtration
  • High solids filtration
  • Barrel room for barrel fermentation and aging
Blending tanks at woodbridge and yeast reactivator
Pera crush lane and red fermentors at Woodbridge

In addition to our equipment capabilities we have robust systems and best-practice procedures around the following areas:

  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Winemaking
  • Analysis
  • Sanitation

Spinning Cone Technology

In addition to Custom Crush, we offer alcohol reduction year-round through our Spinning Cone at Gonzales.

We also offer long or short-term wine storage in capacities of 10,000-350,000 gallons at Soledad.

Spine cone technology

Solids Management

Our solids management technology includes centrifugation, high solids cross-flow filtration, cross-flow filtration and flotation.

solid management

Meet The Team


Monica Belavic - General Manager, Central Coast Winemaking & Operations

Jason Becker - Senior Winemaker, Gonzales

Yamil Sales - Director of Operations, Gonzales

Tess Deacon - Senior Winemaker, Soledad

George Cain - Director of Operations, Soledad


Tony Sanfillipo - General Manager

Erick Schultz - Director of Winemaking

Jeff Moeckly - Senior Manager Cellar Operations

Melanie Walker - Senior Winemaker

Betsy Gilliland - Senior Winemaker

Chris Leamy - Senior Winemaker

south press at woodbridge

Come Crush With Us

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To learn more and for business inquiries, please reach out to us at or 415-260-6891.