My name is Carlos Butler-Vale, and I am proud to serve as the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Constellation Brands.

Constellation Brands' DEI mission is a central component of our overall business strategy for the value it brings to both our employees and the consumers we serve. As we nurture inclusive teams and their collective success within our organization, it is incredibly important to celebrate the work our colleagues engage in every day as champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion – all around the world, at work, and in their communities.

That's why we are thrilled to announce our first annual Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards. These awards not only celebrate DEI champions across our business but recognize the best practices and level of commitment needed to accomplish our DEI goals. Individuals were nominated for demonstrating their commitment and progress towards one or more of our DEI strategic pillars: Best-In-Class Diverse Workforce, Inclusive Culture, and Social/Community Equity. These nominees have collaborated across teams, business units, BRGs, and other internal groups, and have shown a sustainable or replicable action for lasting impact.

We were blown away by the amazing work and I am delighted to announce the recipients below!

Rosella Dang, Head of Organizational Development & People Services, New Zealand

Rosella Dang has played a pivotal role in driving the success of Constellation Brands' DEI initiatives since joining the company in 2018. Rosella established the Asia/Pacific region's DEI strategy and led the establishment of the local Inclusion Council and four BRGs. She has guided these teams and brought in external consultants to provide training and guidance to local leadership. She has also ensured that the development process is in line with the company's DEI journey by empowering leaders to conduct meaningful feedback conversations.

“I firmly believe that fostering diversity and inclusion will enable us to achieve two goals: creating a constructive culture where everyone will thrive and shine, and ultimately achieving sustainable business growth,” says Rosella. “Our DEI initiatives revolve around three primary sources of insight: our employees, the community, and our consumers. Diverse perspectives and experiences enable us to better understand and meet the needs of our diverse customers, as we operate not only in the New Zealand market, but also in Australia, Asia, LATAC, and EMEA, driving innovation.”

Jorge A. Lopez, Manager, Supplier Management, Wine & Spirits, U.S.

Jorge Lopez is a dedicated member of the Wine & Spirits team in California. He has demonstrated a commitment to giving back to the community by taking part in a variety of company-sponsored events, such as Modelo Leave No Veteran Behind and Toys for Tots, and by serving as a judge for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Pitch Competition in both 2021 and 2022.

Jorge is also active in several BRGs, including ¡SALUD!, Valor, Stellar Pride, WISE, AASCEND, and Constellation Parents Network. He has been instrumental in the success of these groups and is always looking for ways to share his knowledge with others.

Jorge has shared that his inspiration to take leadership positions in multiple BRGs stemmed from his unique upbringing and background. “As a first-generation veteran and university graduate, I didn’t always understand how to navigate uncharted waters. Throughout my journey, different well-intentioned people helped me and guided me to the finish line. As a BRG leader, I can give back by providing opportunities for members and colleagues to attend specialized training, mentoring, and career development programs, and learn about diverse aspects of the organization. Overall, I’m thankful that Constellation Brands allows me to be myself.”

Ingrid Rodríguez, Analyst, Hospitality, Nava, México

Ingrid Rodríguez is a valued member of the Hospitality team at Constellation Brands' Nava brewery in Mexico. Since joining the company in 2017, she has shown tireless dedication to building Constellation's reputation as a best-in-class employer in the area. Ingrid was a key figure in establishing the PRIDE BRG in Mexico and has been a vocal advocate for inclusivity, working to reduce prejudice through increased awareness and education. Her colleagues have praised her commitment to promoting inclusion, with many referring to her as a valuable ally who advocates on their behalf.

When asked about the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ employees and consumers on a local level, Ingrid spoke about the struggle for societal acceptance that led her to launch the PRIDE BRG. “Unfortunately, heteronormativity still limits the opportunities for this community and not all people can fully live their identity for fear of discrimination. For this reason, it was of the utmost importance to create a safe space for our employees where they can be who they want to be and where the differences between people are respected, valued, recognized, and celebrated.”

Vincent Soppet, Specialist, Talent Management, U.S.

Since joining Constellation Brands in 2019, Vincent "Vince" Soppet has made significant contributions to the advancement of the company's DEI strategy. Since 2020, he has been the co-lead of the Stellar Pride BRG, where he oversees the implementation of several programs and practices that put the pillars of the DEI strategy into action.

Vince worked with the Benefits team to make our hiring practices more inclusive and helped evaluate medical and wellbeing benefits for LGBTQ+ employees and their families. Additionally, Vince's willingness to share his personal experiences and points of view has inspired others to do the same.

Among all the values embraced by Constellation Brands, Vince finds the combination of "integrity" and "people" particularly resonating. He shared, “I try hard to show up every day for my peers and our company as someone they can rely on, trust, and come to. Part of why I have always stayed so open and visible is that I want people to know they are not alone. Regardless of whether or not we have something in common, I want people to know that they are important, they are worth listening to, and their lives and experiences matter.”

Lorena Troccoli, Estate Manager, Poggio Casciano & Montemasso Estates, Italy

As an Estate Manager for the Poggio Casciano and Montemasso estates at Ruffino, Lorena Troccoli has invested time and resources to develop her female coworkers for key management roles, creating a more inclusive work environment. Her empathic leadership has been highly praised, and she has set an example of how gender differences can be turned into opportunities rather than barriers.

Additionally, Lorena's care for the region bordering the estates has earned Constellation Brands the respect and trust of the local community, setting it apart as an employer of choice.

"Currently, in the world of wine in Italy, while one can count on the presence of female figures, the sector remains dominated by men," explains Lorena. "A few years ago, it wasn't possible to find women driving tractors or working in the cellar. Today, they do, and they consistently demonstrate their valiance, meticulousness, and scrupulousness in their work. Women have the ability to contribute greatly to our industry, with their skills, dedication, precision, and remarkable leadership abilities. Ultimately, it’s teamwork, regardless of gender, that always leads us to success!"

Jackie Zaldivar, Senior Director, Human Resources, México

Jackie Zaldivar has been a key contributor to driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives since she joined the company in 2019. She is an active member of the DEI committee in Mexico and a strong supporter of the Cultural Alignment project.

Jackie is committed to promoting inclusion and equity at every level of the organization and works diligently to align HR processes to reflect this commitment. She has been instrumental in organizing activities and employee workshops that promote new skills, awareness, and empathy, while also driving change in Mexico, including at the company's breweries. Jackie ensures that all individuals and groups, especially those who have been historically marginalized, have equal opportunities to thrive.

Furthermore, Jackie is committed to ongoing personal growth. “No matter how open-minded, socially conscious, and anti-racist I think I am, I still have old, learned hidden biases that I need to examine. It is my personal responsibility to regularly check myself for stereotypes, prejudices, and, ultimately, discrimination,” she explains. “I will keep using my voice and compassion to foster conversations, create impactful moments, and set positive examples that contribute towards a more compassionate world.”