The COVID-19 crisis has hit Black-owned businesses disproportionately and the restaurant industry has been devastated since the onset of the pandemic. From small independent pizzerias, sandwich shops, and taco stands, to big chain restaurants, these establishments have become reliant on takeout and delivery to survive.

That is why during National Black Business Month in August, Constellation proudly partnered with the team behind The Great American Takeout and sponsored the Employees in Action initiative. From Thursday, August 27 through Sunday, August 30 Constellation Brands encouraged its employees to order meals and drinks from the Constellation Brands portfolio from Black-owned restaurants and bars and covered the costs.

In addition to Constellation’s employee involvement, the company provided a list of Black-owned restaurants in major cities in the U.S. and extended an invitation to its distributor partners across Beer and Wine & Spirits to participate by engaging their employees in this effort as well. With the backing of distributors like Republic National Distributing Company and Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits, Focus on Female Founders partners Austin Cocktails, and businesses big and small, more than 30,000 people were empowered to #SupportBlackOwnedRestaurants!

The Great American Takeout, first launched in March to provide relief to the restaurant industry, has generated widespread buzz, reaching more than 117 million people nationwide, and raised nearly $400,000 to date for charitable organizations.

This effort was one of a number of commitments Constellation is making to achieve greater equity for its African American/Black colleagues at Constellation, within the beverage alcohol industry, and within the communities where we live and work.

Working together, we can make meaningful difference. At Constellation Brands, we are committed to doing our part!