Located within The Prisoner Wine Company Tasting Lounge, the SALDO Salon brings unusual varietals and unfettered conversation to Napa Valley

St. Helena, CA (September 26, 2023) – SALDO opens its first hospitality space today as the newest tasting annex within The Prisoner Wine Company Tasting Lounge in Napa Valley. As part of The Prisoner Wine Company portfolio, SALDO offers distinctive and unconventional varieties that are beloved by consumers and can now be enjoyed in a distinct, engaging setting where guests are encouraged to taste, ask questions and engage in conversation while exploring SALDO wines.                                   

“SALDO Salon's opening represents not just a physical space but a new chapter in the brand's journey—a place where wine enthusiasts and newcomers alike can gather, explore, and experience our wines and culinary offerings for the first time,” said Robyn West, Director of Hospitality at The Prisoner Wine Company. “This is a pivotal moment for SALDO, and The Prisoner Wine Company as we continue redefining hospitality in California wine country.”

Erin Martin, a team of interior designers native to St. Helena, drew inspiration from the origin of the brand name, meaning “I Join” in Italian, and the traditional concept of a salon, where people gather to discuss ideas. Each of the three rooms within the Salon resembles a different space in a home, with locally sourced eclectic mix of furniture and eye-catching design, like the floor-to-ceiling intricate diamond pattern stitched-leather fireplace from Silverado Upholstery. The design evokes a sense of warmth, comfort, and community that encourages guests to take their time while enjoying various tasting experiences or wines by the glass.

“While the Salon is arranged in three distinct sections, it operates harmoniously as one large continuous space that is meant to be a hub for connection and conversation”, said Elise Stocksdale, Interior Designer at Erin Martin. “Custom-upholstered sofas & banquettes sourced from local makers beckon group gatherings, as does the outdoor patio, while the bar is perfect for walk-in solo tasters to engage with wine educators. A guest can have an entirely different experience each visit, allowing for something new to be discovered each time they return.”

Guests can taste SALDO’s growing selection of wines, including their flagship Red Zinfandel, along with a rotating selection of property-exclusive wines, like a skin-contact Falanghina sourced from Lost Slough vineyard, or a single-lot Carignan sourced from Alexander Valley. The Salon also offers reimagined culinary pairings from winery head chef Brett Young that stand out in the region. The Wine + Culinary Experience pairs SALDO wines with elevated Mexican cuisine, and is a continuation of his approach for The Prisoner Wine Company’s culinary program, using local-source ingredients and incorporating flavors from around the world. Dishes may include oysters with aguachile, kampachi tostadas with avocado and salsa matcha & chicken tamales with mole.

The Salon debuts with Young’s Mexican-inspired menu and will rotate seasonally, with menu items subject to change. Visitors to SALDO Salon can look forward to additional experiences, like SALDO tastings or pairings with inventive local chocolates. Pricing starts at  $85 and can be booked through Tock. Reservations are encouraged, and there is seating for walk-ins based on availability. To learn more and book your experience please visit: https://theprisonerwinecompany.com/pages/saldo-visit


Developed by The Prisoner Wine Company’s Director of Winemaking Chrissy Wittmann as an exploration of the undiscovered or overlooked, SALDO offers a unique portfolio which includes wines like Zinfandel, a Red Blend, Chenin Blanc, and an Australian Shiraz. Meaning “I join” in Italian, SALDO explores uncharted territory by sourcing and blending grapes from the best vineyards across California and the world. The meticulous blending and continuous refining of nontraditional varietals is apparent in SALDO’s distinctive style. The minimalistic and eye-catching label derives inspiration from the DYMO label tape often used by winemakers to track bottles aging in the cellar. To learn more or to book an experience in person at the SALDO Salon in Napa Valley, visit https://theprisonerwinecompany.com/pages/saldo-home or follow us on Instagram @SaldoWines.