Constellation Brands’ giving back efforts have always been led by its employees. The Employee Match Program, one of the company’s top global philanthropic initiatives, allows employees and the company to work together and double their impact in the communities where they live and work. The program is a significant benefit for employees, and one of the ways employees can make their mark at Constellation.

This year’s Employee Match Day is July 17 and it’s the perfect opportunity to join colleagues and participate. Last year, employees across the globe donated to over 400 not-for-profit organizations that they care most about. Combined employee and company donations reached a record-breaking $400,000+ during the 2017 Employee Match Day and over 560 employees participated during the day – more than the first three years of the program combined.

What to know about Employee Match Day 2018:

  • Bright Funds – Constellation is continuing its donations through Bright Funds this year. This provides a simple process that can be used by all our employees. With donation and volunteer tracking, employees can see the company’s progress towards this year’s goals.
  • No Minimum - There is no longer a minimum donation amount! No donation is too small to make an impact.
  • Extra Match - Get an extra annual match! If employees submit a match on Employee Match Day, they can still apply for another match at any time during the year.
  • Donation Grants – Constellation will be distributing $10,000 randomly to employees that participate in Employee Match Day. Donate to receive a grant, and make an even bigger impact on our communities.
  • InterVol - Over the last 28 years InterVol has served more than 74 countries, and 54 non-profits right here in America. This year, any employee that participates in Employee Match Day will be entered for a chance to win a trip to Haiti with InterVol as a Volunteer Medical Professional.

At Constellation, we are committed to elevating life responsibly every day, and the Employee Match Program gives employees the opportunity to double their impact on the causes they are most passionate about. The program can be utilized year-round, but Employee Match Day is the perfect time to participate.