Our company founder Marvin Sands had a gift for making everyone feel like a valued member of Constellation Brand’s extended family. His engaged leadership style, sincere concern for both his people and his business – these are facets of Marvin’s legacy we wish to honor. In support of that lasting legacy, our organization supports an annual company-wide Marvin Sands Heritage Award. The Marvin Sands Heritage Award is the most prestigious award offered at our company as it represents each facet of Constellation Brands’ recognition program, acknowledging employees who personify all of Marvin’s founding principles:

  • Living our core values
  • Extensive business knowledge and savvy
  • Inspiring leadership
  • Responsibility for giving back

In July, the 2nd Annual Marvin Sands Heritage Award Winners gathered in Victor, NY to be honored by CEO Rob Sands at a private award ceremony and by Richard Sands, Chairman of the Board, at the Shareholders' meeting. The winners were recognized for their contributions to Constellation and their communities, keeping Marvin's spirit and legacy alive.

The 2017 winners include:

  • Diane Seward - Administrative Assistant - Canandaigua Winery
  • Melanee Southard - Director, Operations - Clos Du Bois Winery
  • John Williams - Director, General Manager Sales - Beer Division
  • Patty Yahn-Urlaub - SVP, Investor Relations - High Point

Each award recipient is a celebration of our company vision to elevate life with every glass raised.