Constellation Brands in partnership with Modelo has announced a collective $500,000 contribution to UnidosUS, the nation's largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization. The contribution, which will provide UnidosUS with resources to strengthen Hispanic families’ financial security through financial empowerment and homeownership programs, is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, particularly our commitment to serve as a catalyst for economic development and prosperity for disadvantaged communities. The decision to support UnidosUS is the result of a collaboration between the Corporate CSR team and our ¡SALUD! Business Resource Group, who helped to identify financial literacy and housing empowerment as areas of support that could truly make long-term impact in the economic development and prosperity of the Hispanic community and played a role in vetting organizations that could best deliver impact in these areas.

Below, Daniela Carrera (Analyst, Senior Consumer Insights and member of ¡SALUD!) provided her thoughts on her experience working to build the initiative and what this personally means to her as an immigrant from Colombia who has worked hard to create success for herself.

What does partnering with UnidosUS mean to you?

This partnership opens an opportunity for us to be closer to our community and leverage the power and scale of our brands to make an impact where help is needed, and where it matters. Through their efforts, UnidosUS is working to elevate the essential Hispanic communities in the US, and re-frame the narrative of what being Hispanic in this country means.

Can you tell us more about your background and how you related to what UnidosUS’ work does to help the Hispanic community?

I immigrated to the U.S. from Colombia and have been working towards achieving my American dream, including home ownership. Navigating the process was overwhelming for me, even with advisership of friends and family who had done this before. Being able to amplify advisership efforts in our communities where this milestone is often first generational is most important, and to be able to play a part in providing resources that can help achieve it feels rewarding and a great way to help elevate the hard-working Hispanic communities financially. ​

How has ¡SALUD! helped this initiative come to life?

¡SALUD! is a Business Resource Group that focuses on connecting with, attracting, and supporting the Hispanic/LatinX community within Constellation Brands. ¡SALUD! is an inclusive professional network with a unified voice striving to enhance our Hispanic employees’ professional development, empower the members to be leaders, and drive impactful change within Constellation Brands and the Hispanic/LatinX community.

Homeownership is a milestone and a key indicator of changing the financial narrative of many families. The GRACIAS project is a ¡SALUD! initiative focused on supporting home ownership among lower income Hispanic households. Through this partnership, GRACIAS will explore opportunities to amplify CBI benefits, provide financial advisership, create an annual “day of service” in the communities where we live and work that focuses on providing grants to cover closing costs, appraisals, etc., and brand partnerships for when the American Dream of home ownership is celebrated!​

How has a BRG like ¡SALUD! provided you new opportunities?

CBI and ¡SALUD! BRG prioritize diversity and inclusion providing associates, like me, the opportunity to have a voice in our CSR efforts. With ¡SALUD! I have had the opportunity to ideate, collaborate and learn from leaders and a cross functional team of associates to help bring ideas to life. ¡SALUD! is a testament on how I can bring my whole self to work, since the efforts we are working on are a passion personally and now professionally. ​

What advice have you received that has helped you succeed?

If it stretches you outside of your comfort zone, keep going, you are growing. ​

What is your proudest personal or professional accomplishment?

My family is my biggest joy and my proudest accomplishment.