Charles Coleman, Vice President, Human Resources (Beer) has a personal appreciation of culture from his lived experiences around the world. He is also the executive sponsor of our AASCEND Business Resource Group, which is leading this month’s cultural celebrations.

Charles invests in people to help them reach their full potential while also helping to drive progress against Constellation’s DE&I mission. He draws inspiration from the opportunity for communities to connect over their favorite beverages and is proud of the important work we are doing to foster an inclusive company culture.

Read more of his first-hand perspective below.

What inspired you to join the beverage alcohol industry, and how did you come to Constellation Brands?

I have always been inspired by the beverage alcohol industry, because families and friends come together and celebrate some of the most important moments in their lives while sharing their favorite beverages. I love knowing that I work at an organization that brings that experience to communities across the country.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your career to date?

My proudest accomplishments are centered around supporting the many people I have worked with in the past and seeing their career successes. It is particularly rewarding to support those from disadvantaged communities with limited opportunities for advancement.

What is a value from your upbringing that stays with you today?

Being the eldest-born child in a military family of five, agility is the value the most sticks with me today. My family moved every 3-4 years to various countries around the world, which meant I experienced various cultures at a very young age. That global perspective had a profound impact on me.

What are some ways you are involved in advancing Constellation’s commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion?

I help support our DE&I strategy by serving as an executive sponsor for our AASCEND BRG. Throughout Black History Month, the BRG has hosted several purposeful events to celebrate Black culture and educate Constellation employees.

Here is a brief overview of what the AASCEND BRG planned for the month:

  • We hosted a virtual discussion for The Prisoner Wine Company’s Corrections release that supports prison reform.
  • We also produced a global company event featuring Anthony Ray Hinton, a community educator for the Equal Justice Initiative and survivor of 30 years on Alabama’s death row after a wrongful conviction, to discuss the changes needed to the criminal justice system.
  • We also shared a content series to highlight famous Black/African American communities that continue to shape and influence society and culture, from Black Wall Street to Baldwin Hills.
  • Our book club discussed “The Sun Does Shine,” an autobiography about Anthony Ray Hinton’s experience on death row; and we identified charities to empower interested U.S. employees to leverage our employee match program.