For more than 75 years, Constellation Brands has been committed to safeguarding our planet and its precious natural resources. We honor our employees who drive this work forward every day, all around the world, and foster partnerships with community groups, industry cohorts, and strategic organizations that share our long-term aspirations. This work is critical for us to realize our ESG goals and create lasting impact.

Our Leadership Award honors facilities that demonstrate best-in-class environmentally sustainable practices that address our water stewardship commitment and at least two additional sustainability categories. This year’s winner is our Nava Brewery.

Our Stewardship Award honors facilities that implemented a best-in-class environmental sustainability project which resulted in strong environmental benefits in any of the sustainability categories. Both the Obregon Brewery and the Selaks Winery and Hawkes Bay Vineyards earned this distinction.

Read on to learn more about the sustainability initiatives and the people who turned ideas into action.

The Leadership Award Winner – Nava Brewery

The Nava Brewery consistently implements environmental sustainability initiatives that positively impact its supply chain while reducing its water and energy usage. Specifically, the Nava team worked with local and state governments and the Zaragoza community to improve water accessibility by helping implement new water infrastructure in the area. This project improved water security for most of the families in the area, benefitting approximately 13,000 inhabitants.

The brewery also piloted an emissions trading system to align its emissions with the commitments in the Paris Agreements, improving measurement capabilities for tracking emissions in the brewery. The team also enhanced recycling efforts, using compost generated during production in creative ways to create a bio park and greenhouse that benefit all employees.

“We are proud to receive this award for the third time and for the second consecutive year. This achievement commits us to continue to strengthen every day the strategy we have implemented and to promote new initiatives that contribute to operating sustainably in alignment with the commitment that we at CBI have with our families, neighbors, and the community where we live and work.” -Juan Manuel Flores, Vice President, Nava Brewery

The Stewardship Award Winners – Obregon Brewery and the Selaks Winery and Hawkes Bay Vineyards

The Obregon Brewery worked with the Yaqui River Irrigation District to implement a biodiversity project that increased the overall water management efficiency of the irrigation system while reducing the amount of water lost to non-agricultural uses within the irrigation network. The team also continues to improve water efficiency at the brewery, reduce its energy usage, and increase its recycling and processing capabilities.

“Receiving this sustainability award is a great honor and a reminder of our commitment to our environment and community. We are proud of the innovative and creative solutions we have implemented to operate sustainably, and we thank everyone who has contributed to this achievement, which undoubtedly is Worth Reaching For. This award is a great achievement for the entire Obregon team.” -Ignacio Burgos Noriz, Vice President, General Manager, Obregon Brewery

The Selaks Winery and Hawke’s Bay Vineyards have implemented a series of initiatives at its New Zealand sites to reduce water usage and improve quality; optimize management of waste; and enhance soil health. In the vineyards, use of cutting-edge technology ensures water is applied only when needed, irrigating based on soil type and plant water demand - thereby maximizing quality while optimizing yield and saving time, money, and water.

The winery and vineyard teams also worked to enhance biodiversity in the area, thereby improving local waterways and increasing the habitat for aquatic life, native birds, and beneficial insects.

“Here at our New Zealand vineyards and wineries we understand that our impact today lasts longer than a lifetime. Bringing our people on the Sustainability journey is critical because it’s the small things our people do every day that together make the difference. In Hawke’s Bay we’re making great progress. Our team is focused on efficient and effective use of water, using only what we need; on protecting and enhancing soil health; and on reducing waste, increased recycling efforts and effective management of organic waste. None of this is possible without working closely with a strong and engaged group of partners including for example Sustainable Winegrowing NZ, regional councils, waste service providers, and viticulture technology providers.” -Sergai Davis, Manager, National Health, Safety and Environment, New Zealand