In honor of Women’s History Month, this special-edition issue is completely written and designed by women who are “Más Que Modelos”—More than Models

CHICAGO March 7, 2024 – Known for their hopping hydraulics, custom upholstery and intricate paint jobs, lowrider cars are symbols of empowerment, freedom and a celebration of culture. As a beer born in Mexico nearly 100 years ago, Modelo seeks to celebrate those who drive this culture forward by embodying the mark of a fighter that is prominent in this community. To spotlight those who haven’t always received recognition, Modelo has teamed up with MotorTrend to launch a special edition of Lowrider magazine that champions the women of lowriding throughout the entire issue.

“Modelo has always stood for those with grit and tenacity who demonstrate the mark of a fighter – traits the lowrider community certainly embodies,” said Logan Jensen, Sr. Director of Brand Marketing, Modelo. “Today’s female lowriders are in the driver’s seat, building and designing vehicles that deserve even more attention than they already receive on the road. With the return of Lowrider magazine, we’re able to highlight the women of this community who have been a critical part of its growth and evolution.”

The one-time re-issue of Lowrider is made by women, for women – from editorial direction by Dr. Denise Sandoval, a university professor of Chicana/o studies, to photographers, creative directors, writers and more. Modelo donated advertising space in the publication to women-owned businesses to further support and spotlight the entrepreneurs impacting the lowrider industry.

The issue features stories of women who have cultivated and redefined the lowrider movement across the country, including:

  • Tina Blankenship-Early (Los Angeles, CA): Long before she was the first woman inducted into the National Lowrider Hall of Fame and Lowrider magazine Hall of Fame, Blankenship-Early was known on the scene as “First Lady.” A true ambassador in the community, Blankenship-Early provides her take on what lowriders mean to her, taking her passion for car building and transforming it into a cultural movement.
  • Jacqueline Valenzuela (Whittier, CA)​: Valenzuela is a Chicana artist whose art depicts what it means to be Chicana in the lowrider community. Beyond the canvas, this artist and lowrider owner started the Prophets Car Club, which encourages both women and LGBTQ+ membership.
  • Sandy Avila (Pasadena, CA): Avila recalls fellow women in the lowriding community who inspired and encouraged her to start the Lady Lowrider Car Club. Her role in the lowriding scene stretches beyond car customization. Her club raises thousands of dollars annually for charitable causes and redefines the role of women in the community.
  • Angel Romero​ (Sunnyvale, CA): Romero shares her unique story of inheriting her passion for cars from her mother and growing up immersed in lowrider culture. As the president of Dueñas Car Club, she encourages fellow female lowriders to be proud of their spot in the community and empower the next generation, while also underscoring the importance of philanthropy by organizing annual fundraisers to organizations that support breast cancer research.

The roots of lowriding trace back to the 1940s when car culture was beginning to take hold across post-WWII America. As the hot rod trend swept the country, Mexican Americans began to purchase and alter their cars as a means of distinguishing themselves on and off the road. The concept of lowriders stretched far beyond customizations and demonstrated the strides made by the community, as well as beyond the Mexican American community.

“There are so many rich and diverse stories to tell from lowrider culture – and so many untold stories from the women who have made an impact on its trajectory,” said Ed Loh, MotorTrend Group head of editorial. “The return of Lowrider is something fans have been asking for since 2019 and we couldn’t have found a more authentic partner than Modelo to help us bring it back in a unique way to honor the women of lowriding.”

Historically, depictions of women in Lowrider magazine were often limited to models on the hoods of cars. This limited-edition revival highlights the women behind the wheel who have fought for their place as drivers, builders, mechanics, painters and welders in a male-dominated world.

“Being a female myself in the lowrider community, I have been so inspired by certain women who take on such impressive roles,” said Avila. “Women like those featured in this issue show that you can be powerful behind the wheel, but also charitable and graceful through lowriding. Now more than ever, it’s time for us women to ride together and continue creating a community of acceptance, strength and determination.”

Lowrider magazine fans in the Los Angeles area can be the first to get a copy of the magazine at the Lowrider Long Beach Super Show at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday, March 9, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST. Fans nationwide can access the digital version of the issue at

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Modelo Especial is a golden, full-flavored pilsner-style lager with a clean, crisp finish. As the #1 beer in the U.S., Modelo Especial recently surpassed 195MM cases sold in 2023. The Casa Modelo brand family is exclusively brewed in Mexico and imported and marketed for the U.S. by Constellation Brands. 

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