Considered Mexico’s oldest beer brand, Victoria™ brings its first-ever innovation to the U.S. with the taste of chamoy in a ready-to-drink chelada-style beer

CHICAGO, October 25, 2022 – Victoria™ brings a taste of Mexico to the U.S., with its first-ever brand innovation, Vicky™ Chamoy, a chamoy-flavored beer with notes of sweet, salty, spicy, and sour. No need to sacrifice taste for convenience – this flavored beer imported from Mexico bursts with beloved Mexican flavor in a ready to drink single serve 24 ounce can.

True to its roots and origin, Vicky™ Chamoy embraces a Mexican flavor palate with hints of tamarind and chile perfectly complemented by flavors of chamoy, apricot and lime. Traditional chamoy is made with pickled fruits such as apricots, mango and/or plums and mixed with chili powder, to make a delicious red condiment-type sauce commonly combined with beer in Mexico to create a chelada beer cocktail.

“We’re thrilled to be launching Vicky™ Chamoy, Victoria’s first line extension here in the U.S.,” said Ryan Anderson, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Victoria. “Vicky™ Chamoy brings the authentic flavors of tamarind, chile and of course, chamoy, so consumers can have a classic taste of Mexico with their celebrations.”

Vicky Chamoy comes in a vibrant, eye-catching can, showcasing the flavors of the heritage it so proudly represents. This authentically Mexican beer, la chela chingona, is easy to spot and available at your local convenience, liquor, and grocery stores.

Whether you are looking to indulge in a little taste from home after a long day’s work or you just love cheladas but not the time it takes to make them, Vicky Chamoy is an authentic Mexican flavor experience now available in the U.S. Ready-to-drink alongside your favorite snacks, this spicy chela packs a tangy and refreshing chamoy and tamarind punch.


About Victoria™

Considered the oldest beer in Mexico, Victoria™ is an ultra-premium, Vienna-style lager with light-to-medium body and slight malt sweetness. Its flavor contains a toasted malt character perfectly balanced with a smooth crisp finish. The brand has true Mexican authenticity and a proud heritage, with a long tradition of bringing people together. For more information, follow Victoria on Facebook at Victoria is exclusively brewed in Mexico and imported and marketed for the U.S. by Crown Imports LLC.