The No. 1 imported Mexican beer brand and famous Southern California changemaker, Juixxe, recognize the Fighting Spirit of aguas frescas vendors, who keep the beloved Mexican street drink tradition alive.

CHICAGO, April 27, 2023 – Modelo announced today the launch of its latest product innovation – Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas – a new line of vibrant and flavorful spiked malt beverages that celebrate the bold, fruit-forward taste of authentic aguas frescas found in Mexican street markets, with a twist. The brand partnered with Jesus Morales aka Juixxe, a changemaker known for gifting hundreds of thousands of dollars to street vendors who struggled during the pandemic, to honor the roots of its new product. Furthering his commitment to being a force for good, Modelo and Juixxe bought out hard working, Southern California-based street vendors’ carts earlier this month. Modelo flew and hosted the merchants in Las Vegas to be among the first to try the new beverage – that they helped inspire – at the Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas launch celebration.

“Honoring the brand’s authentic Mexican heritage sets Modelo apart and we know that without the tireless fighting spirit of street vendors, aguas frescas would not be the staple in Hispanic communities that they are today,” said Greg Gallagher, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Modelo. “Through our partnership with Juixxe, Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas recognizes and celebrates street vendors for perfecting the beloved flavors and taste experience that inspired our new brand.”

“Growing up, I would see a street vendor and always ask my parents to buy me papitas or a refreshing aguas frescas and I made it my mission to give back to street vendors in ways that spotlight the important role they play in our communities,” said Juixxe. “Partnering with Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas helped me elevate our appreciation of street vendors’ tenacity and hard work and they were the perfect guests to celebrate with at the Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas launch party in Las Vegas.”

Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas is currently available in Las Vegas in four varieties:

  • Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas Piña (Pineapple) is an aromatic, juicy pineapple flavor with a balanced sweetness for sessionability.
  • Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas Flor de Jamaica (Hibiscus) is a sweet, floral flavor that contains fruit notes with a slight tartness.
  • Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas Sandía (Watermelon) is a refreshing flavor that has a sweet and indulgent watermelon juice taste and aroma.
  • Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas Pepino y Limón (Cucumber-Lime) is a crisp flavor that combines notes of cucumber with sweet and zesty lime.

All varieties are 171-197 calories, 4.5% ABV, have <0.5% carbonation, resulting in a smooth and non-carbonated taste experience, and contain 20-25 grams of sugar*.

For more on Juixxe and Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas’ partnership, visit YouTube. For more information on Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas and other Casa Modelo products, visit

* Per 12 fl. oz. serving of average analysis: 4.5% ABV, Calories 193, Carbs 26.4 grams, Protein 0.2 grams, Fat 0 grams (Piña); 4.5% ABV, Calories 197, Carbs 34.2 grams, Protein 0.2 grams, Fat 0 grams (Sandía); 4.5% ABV, Calories 189, Carbs 25.7 grams, Protein 0.2 grams, Fat 0 grams (Pepino y Limón); 4.5% ABV, Calories 171, Carbs 22.6 grams, Protein 0.3 grams, Fat 0 grams (Flor de Jamaica). 


Born in 1925 in the small town of Tacuba, Mexico, Modelo has been bringing distinctive high-quality beer to those with the Fighting Spirit ever since, including Modelo Especial®, Modelo Negra®, Modelo Chelada Especial™, and a flavorful lineup of Modelo Cheladas™.  Modelo Especial is a golden, full-flavored Pilsner-style lager with a clean, crisp finish. As the #1 imported beer in the U.S., Modelo Especial recently surpassed 175MM cases sold in 2022 and became the #2 beer brand in the category. The Modelo family of beers are exclusively brewed in Mexico and imported and marketed for the U.S. by Constellations Brands.

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