The iconic beer teams up with the global Latin superstar to further celebrate its new perspective

CHICAGO (Sept. 30, 2020) — The Corona family of brands has teamed up with Puerto Rican reggaeton sensation and crossover artist Bad Bunny to diversify the perspective reflected in its new campaign, “La Vida Más Fina.” With his ability to overcome barriers and transcend stereotypes, Bad Bunny brings an authentic voice and allows the nearly 100-year-old brand to stay true to its Hispanic roots. The campaign tagline is intentionally in Spanish, symbolizing a heightened recognition of Corona’s heritage and the growing Hispanic population in the United States.

This collaboration with Bad Bunny represents the continuation of a relationship that first began in 2019, when Corona Estéreo Beach served as the presenting sponsor of the second leg of the artist’s X100PRE tour, which presented 20 sold-out concerts in major cities across the U.S. Bad Bunny’s career has been characterized not only by his creativity and the quality of his art, but also by his ability to crossover into the mainstream and constantly break international barriers, leaving his indelible mark on music and culture.

“I love that the campaign stays true to Corona’s Hispanic roots and embraces the unapologetic way I live my life,” Bad Bunny said.

As the slogan on every bottle says, Corona is crafted to be La Cerveza Más Fina, “the Finest Beer,” and the new campaign takes this philosophy a step further. Translated as “the Fine Life,” La Vida Más Fina encourages people to explore the fundamental truth that more fulfillment and joy can be found in just about anything, simply by changing one’s outlook.

“We are excited to further our partnership with one of the hottest artists in music today, international superstar Bad Bunny,” said Ann Legan, vice president of brand marketing, Corona. “In addition to Corona and Bad Bunny’s shared Latino heritage, we felt his vibrant and colorful personality are a perfect embodiment of the La Vida Más Fina lifestyle.”

“La Vida Más Fina” is the first campaign designed to unite the Corona brand family and celebrate a modern expression of the Corona lifestyle and its respected place in culture. The fully integrated campaign launched in August 2020 with entertainment icon Snoop Dogg and will continue to appear on Corona’s social channels with a dedicated Giphy library, digital support, PR and :15 and :30 television commercial spots.

According to IRI tracked data, which does not include on-premise data sales of Corona remain strong, increasing by more than 17% since March 2020. The Corona family of products is available at restaurants, bars, local retailers and via online delivery services nationwide. For more information, visit, and refresh your perspective @CoronaUSA on Instagram or @CoronaExtraUSA on Twitter.

As always, Corona encourages consumers to enjoy its products and relax responsibly.

About the Corona Brand Family

The Corona brand family is home to Corona Extra, Corona Light, Corona Familiar, Corona Premier, Corona Refresca and in 2020, the national launch of Corona Hard Seltzer. The entire Corona portfolio is brewed in Mexico by Constellation Brands and imported and marketed exclusively to the U.S. by the company. The Corona brand is the #1 most loved beer brand and has been the #1 imported brand family of beer in the U.S. for more than 20 years. Corona Extra, the flagship brand of the Corona brand family, is a pilsner-style lager with a golden hue that was first brewed in Mexico in 1925. The refreshing flavor and carefree attitude of Corona Extra have been helping Americans find their beach since 1981.

About Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny is proclaimed as one of the most popular artists in the world. The multi-platinum artist, winner of the Latin GRAMMY and nominated for the GRAMMY, constantly manages to break language and stereotype barriers around the globe, becoming an international culture and entertainment icon. Following the huge impact he has had on mass audiences, Bad Bunny became the first Latin Reggaeton artist in history to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. He is also the second male personality to appear alone on the cover of Playboy magazine, after its founder, Hugh Hefner. His leadership within the Reggaeton and Trap genres has led him to dominate large stages during prominent music festivals and international concert tours.

His most recent album, “Las Que No Iban A Salir” debuted #1 on Billboard's “Top Latin Albums,” dethroning himself over his previous albums, with “YHLQMDLG”at#2 and “X 100PRE”at#3. Bad Bunny is one of the Latin artists with the most entries to the global “Hot 100” list, with a total of24 hits. In addition, with his album "YHLQMDLG," he became the first Latino artist in history to achieve the position #2 on the global list "Billboard 200." Each of Bad Bunny's releases has left their forceful mark on the history of Latin music. His artistic power and leadership in the entertainment world demonstrate his character as one of the most impactful artists of the moment and reaffirm his expansive position in the music industry.

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