SAN DIEGO, March 20, 2019 -- Just in time for spring, San Diego-based Ballast Point, one of the nation’s leading craft breweries, releases new Ballast Point Lager, available now nationwide. Incredibly bright and refreshing, it’s the quintessential cooler beer for active adventures and leisurely days.

With an approachable 4.2% ABV, only 99 calories and 3.5g carbs1, Ballast Point Lager is fit for adventure. Easy drinking and crisp, this new craft lager still packs a ton of flavor, featuring a floral yeast character with notes of bread, pear and ripe banana. Served at the brewery’s tasting rooms since last year, the beer has been an instant hit, receiving standout taste test scores from both craft fans and casual beer drinkers. Inspired by nautical flags and sailing icons, Ballast Point Lager’s clean white packaging with crisp blue stripes matches the flavor profile while staying true to brewery’s nautical roots.

“We’re always developing new brews and wanted to bring beer drinkers a sessionable, low-calorie option they can enjoy on any occasion – from a day at the beach or the lake to their neighborhood bar while watching the game,” Ballast Point VP of Brewing James Murray said. “But make no mistake, this is not another ‘light’ beer. Ballast Point Lager boasts the high quality, innovation and flavor fans expect from us.”

Ballast Point has a culture of quality that extends from the selection of raw materials, brewing process to the finished product and beyond. The brewery ensures it delivers high-quality beer across the country by taking Ballast Point Lager through 300-plus quality touchpoints from grain to glass. The beer is made using a SMASH recipe (Single Malt and Single Hop) with 100 percent two-row barley from farms in the West and Northwest and a light touch of Apollo hops from Washington growers. The result is a clean, low-calorie lager that finishes dry and effervescent. To create the delicate water profile that allows the ingredients to shine, Ballast Point takes a portion of the beer’s water through a reverse-osmosis system at its facilities.

Innovation is part of Ballast Point’s DNA and the brewery makes more than 50 styles of beer. Ballast Point Lager fits the current trend among beer drinkers looking for moderation. In fact, the brewery’s research revealed two-thirds of consumers feel compelled to moderate their everyday habits, including watching calories.

The Go-To Beer for Your Next Outdoor Adventure
Many might say there’s nothing better than enjoying a refreshing brew while spending the day at the beach or lake. It turns out, there’s proof to support that claim.

Recently, Murray chatted with biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, author of the bestselling book “Blue Mind,” which explores how being near water makes you happier and more satisfied. Dr. Nichols says you can reap all these benefits by heading to the water with friends and good beer – but acknowledges some beers are better suited for the occasion.

“We all intrinsically know life’s better near water but by describing it and labeling it ‘Blue Mind,’ it becomes tangible so you can make spending time near water a priority,” said Dr. Nichols. “That’s why I’m a huge fan of Ballast Point Lager. It’s so easy drinking and refreshing that it inspires you to make plans with friends to hang out at the beach or lake. In doing so, you’ll experience more of the amazing ways water makes life richer.”

Available year-long on draft, 12- and six-pack cans, as well as 19.2 oz. single cans, Ballast Point Lager joins popular Fathom IPA as part of the brewery’s Discovery series of approachable, high-quality and great-tasting beers.

About Ballast Point Brewing Company
Started in 1996 by a small group of home brewers in San Diego, Ballast Point has a 20-plus-year history of supporting the art of home brewing and developing high-quality, innovative and award-winning beer. Ballast Point has become one of the nation’s leading craft breweries by exploring new tastes and techniques to create the perfect balance of taste and aroma. At Ballast Point, a culture of quality persists from selection of raw materials to the brewing process to the finished product and beyond. From developing a proprietary yeast for our amber ale to creating a breakthrough gold medal-winning IPA, Ballast Point is dedicated to the craft of brewing beers for all to enjoy.

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