Wayne Duan

VP, E-Commerce

Wayne Duan is vice president of E-Commerce – an emerging, fast-growing and exciting channel for CBI. The role of E-Commerce now extends beyond just “shopping online” as traditional offline sales are increasingly influenced by online. Wayne and his team are responsible for shaping the company’s strategy, execution, capabilities and talent in the areas of Digital and E-Commerce.

What trends/insights are driving Constellation’s eCommerce strategy?
It always starts with the consumer. Two trends driving our strategy are the uptick in consumers spending more time online for browsing and shopping and in response, retailers enabling Beverage Alcohol purchase online with E-Commerce. For us to win, we need to ensure our brands are easily findable online, so we’re always continuing to optimize our online presence.

Along the same lines, we’re optimizing how our brands appear online – do they appear in the first page of search results? If you search for one of our brands, do we come up in the search results or do you end up with a picture of an iPhone case? Making sure we’re optimized online is the digital equivalent of being at eye level on a store shelf, and enticing consumers to make that click to buy.

What headway has the eCommerce team made in the past year?
We have a really great success story in E-Commerce sales. We’re outpacing the market online. What’s more is that we know the consumer is increasingly influenced by what they see online for their in-store purchase. So, we know the impact we’re having goes beyond strictly “online shopping.”

What excites you about showing up to work at Constellation every day?

The opportunity for me to grow and to see my team grow. Everyone is offense-minded; as an organization, we have a growth mindset, which I find really refreshing and exciting. I appreciate the opportunities to collaborate and push myself, and to see the fruits of my team’s labor and helping our organization and industry evolve with the consumer.

We move at a relative speed that makes me think we are the envy of a lot of other CPGs. We are very much consumer-led; we take those insights as a company and we know how to execute on them. We’re here to build brands that consumers love and my team and I are excited to play a key role in achieving that goal.

How would you describe the culture at Constellation?
One of our leaders once said that it’s not about being the biggest but it’s about being the best and Constellation definitely embodies that. It’s collaborative, fast-paced, with a focus on growth and a fun place to work! Salud!