Jon Troutman

VP, DTC Marketing

With our Worth Reaching For vision we boldly state who we are while declaring our intent to continually reach for more for our consumers, our partners, our communities, and ourselves. To showcase the Worth Reaching For beliefs and behaviors in action, we’re asking our colleagues how they are embracing the Worth Reaching For mindset in their role. We recently chatted with Jon Troutman, VP, DTC Marketing about shaping the environment to realize our ambitions.

What does Worth Reaching For mean to you?

  • Worth Reaching For encompasses what we’re collectively striving for at Constellation Brands. At a consumer level, we’re of course striving to create a “pull strategy”, which inspires consumers to choose our brands within highly-fragmented categories. Yet at a broader and cultural level, Worth Reaching For is a call-to-arms to help one another learn, grow, and constantly improve. Since joining Constellation in July, I’ve been so inspired by how this comes to life in the day-to-day.

Can you provide an example of how your team is bringing to life one of the beliefs and behaviors?

  • The belief that What People Desire Should Drive The Experiences We Offer is something that rings particularly true for our direct-to-consumer (DTC) team. The DTC sales channel operates as the “tip of the spear” for our consumer engagement. What that means is we have a one-to-one relationship with each and every person - and as a result, an unprecedented amount of data that we can leverage, which empowers us to deliver hyper-personalized, consumer-centric messaging and engagement. This type of insight allows us to “surprise and delight” consumers in so many ways – from personalized content and “thank you notes” when they unbox their wines, to customized rewards and benefits for being a loyal customer. The power of a one-to-one relationship with these people is so powerful.

How are you and your team embracing other beliefs and behaviors that support our vision?

  • Thinking Beyond Today To Invest In Tomorrow
    Constellation’s effort to develop and implement a true omnichannel strategy across its portfolio of brands is unbelievably ambitious, and downright foreign to the category of Bev Alc today. The strict regulatory environment, established in an era where the internet as we know it didn’t exist, simply didn’t allow for it. It’s a whole new world we’re creating. The idea of blazing an entirely new trail, similar to what we’ve seen develop in some other consumer goods categories, is an incredibly exciting challenge. The investment and commitment Constellation has made towards this goal is so inspiring.

Looking ahead, what’s coming for DTC, as it relates to Worth Reaching For or in general?

  • It’s an exciting and busy time in the world of DTC Wine eCommerce. Our consumers are increasingly shifting their buying habits towards online channels. The pandemic has only accelerated that trend in such a significant way -- we’re hoping to capitalize throughout OND, in the lead-up to holiday season, and on Black Friday / Cyber Monday. We’ve recently launched newly-designed websites for The Prisoner Wine Co., Simi, Double Diamond, and Meralan. These are mobile optimized with the modern-day consumer in mind. We’ve also launched campaigns for each of these brands, geared to drive new customer acquisition, while telling the unique story and value propositions each brand has to offer. We’re excited to engage today’s consumer in a whole new way this OND period, and provide a really seamless way for them to buy direct this holiday season.