Mallika Monteiro

SVP, Chief Growth Officer, and Chief of Staff

Tell us about your role and what it and your team represent for Constellation Brands?
I lead Constellation Brands’ Growth office. We are focused on driving initiatives that will deliver long-term growth for the company - provoking new thinking and new ideas within the organization. We do this through an obsession with the consumer – understanding how they think, feel and shop, and diagnosing long-term trends and opportunities for disruption.

We then apply those insights and trends to developing breakthrough innovation across beer, wine and spirits, and in supporting our marketing teams as they develop best-in-class brands that connect with consumers.

We also focus our efforts on bringing provocative new ideas and ways of problem-solving to our broader business on strategic initiatives such as E-Commerce and cannabis.

How is Constellation Brands changing / evolving its strategies to include growth and innovation, and to meet consumer needs?
It starts with a laser focus on the consumer – understanding both the macro trends changing consumers’ lives and the values and standards they are holding brands to; and the more micro insights we have on their needs and preferences today.

That foundational understanding has been key to how we think about both near and long-term opportunities for our business. It has powered our innovation approach to launch new ways for consumers to experience our brands (expanding Corona into the flavored space with Corona Refresca, for example) to pioneering new taste profiles that bring something unique to the category in a breakthrough way, with Cooper and Thief as another example – a bourbon barrel aged wine that brings something completely different to the segment.

It has also given the leadership team confidence in broader business decisions we’re making – the investment in Canopy Growth, and opportunity areas on which our Ventures Group focuses.

What excites you about showing up to work at Constellation every day?
Two things – first, the smart, driven, dynamic people I get to work with every day, both on my own team and across the company. We challenge each other, without accepting the status quo and we’re also pushing to do, and be, better. At the same time, CBI is very collegial and informal – we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Second, it is the ability to add value and live a growth mindset. I love working for a company that moves fast, embraces new ideas and isn’t afraid to try new things.

How would you describe the culture at Constellation?
Fast paced and highly charged, with a focus on driving growth, but still a family company at heart with people who genuinely like working with each other.