Nina Mayagoitia Garcia

Vice President, Communications

Tell us about your role and what your team does at Constellation Brands?

We are responsible for all communications in Mexico for Constellation Brands. As a team, it’s our job to build, amplify and nurture the voice of Constellation Brands in a way that builds our culture and reinforces our longstanding values. That also means we are responsible for building and protecting the company’s reputation, as well as the great brands we represent.

You were recently recognized by Forbes as one of the top 100 most powerful women in Mexico. Can you describe what that recognition means to you?

I would say it was surprising – very surprising. It’s a true honor because there are so, so many women that work so hard and have done so many impactful and meaningful things across the country. I feel very thankful to be part of this list and am proud of all the work our team has done during my career, and all the great people and teammates we engage with to create impact. This doesn’t happen without a great team. To receive a recognition like it, it really shows that my career and hard work here at Constellation really is Worth Reaching For. Here, we truly have an opportunity to be part of something special and drive results that we can be proud of. There are so many brilliant people that should be on this list, so I feel extremely blessed and thankful to be included.

What makes Constellation Brands a company that can allow you to grow and foster a challenging and rewarding career?

This is a place where you are empowered to be independent, make mistakes, and learn. Constellation encourages all of its employees to operate with an entrepreneurial spirit – and, for me, that’s one of the best things about this company. When you are hired here, the company trusts your capability fully, and that is empowering. Along with that trust, true ownership over your work, and an entrepreneurial spirit, another cornerstone of the company is the support you receive. It’s like a family. Whatever you’re facing, there is always someone to give great advice or to double check something, when you need it. The team is there to help and guide you. We know we can only succeed together. The culture we have here is one where you truly feel supported, empowered, but also responsible for every decision we make.

Whether to a fellow colleague or prospective employee, what advice would you give them to building an impactful career at Constellation?

The first thing is to be your true self. There is no one recipe to success at Constellation, because here, being yourself and bringing your own, unique perspective is truly valued and recognized. Constellation is a place that believes in diversity of thought, and unity of action – and that is not something that happens everywhere. Having the freedom and opportunity to bring your whole self everyday makes a difference and gives you the power to make your mark here. So, that my advice: Be yourself, and then be prepared to deliver results.

What makes you most proud to be part of Constellation Brands?

I feel proud of the way our leaders lead, setting us up for success not just tomorrow, but well into the future. Here, we take calculated risks. That gives us the opportunity to push boundaries and really leave our mark. Complacency does not exist here. We set a high bar for ourselves, and I find that type of environment extremely rewarding.