Chicago, IL

Holly Lukavsky

VP, Human Resources

Holly was recently promoted to VP of Human Resources with the Beer Division in Constellation Brands’ Chicago office. In her role, Holly provides HR support for the entire Commercial Beer Team which includes Sales and Marketing, and the Commercial Operations and Operation Services teams in the U.S. She joined Constellation in 2012 as an HR Business Partner, and soon was promoted to an HR Director, supporting all of Beer Sales nationally. Holly also served as strategy director where she was exposed to the entire beer division, giving her a line of sight into how the executive team works together on long-term strategy and makes decisions to drive the business.

Has your career grown in any unexpected ways at Constellation?
When the Strategy Director opportunity arose to support Beer’s Chief Commercial Officer and executive team, I didn’t necessarily expect I would be considered for a role outside of HR, but the company took a chance on me — and that’s incredibly affirming. The career and developmental opportunities I have received certainly make me feel valued, as does the feedback from each of the managers I have been fortunate to work with. Now, as VP of Human Resources, I am looking forward to bringing back the broader business perspective I gained during my time supporting our executives to this functional area of the business and my team.

What has had the biggest impact on your Constellation career?
I am fortunate to have mentors and sponsors in the business who challenged me to stretch myself – which has had the greatest impact on my career path.  However, the people here are exceptional across the entire organization, which makes Constellation a place you want to grow your career. The employee base is incredibly collaborative, engaged, driven to mutual success and committed to helping others.  As an example, when I took the strategy director role, I went from having confidence in my prior role and skill set to being “new” all over again virtually overnight. The generosity with which colleagues extended themselves to help me “get up to speed” was really quite humbling.

What does “To elevate life with every glass raised” mean to you?
For me, it means turning everyday moments into special ones. It’s about being totally present in the here and now and enjoying this very minute with one of our amazing products, even if that moment is just watching “Game of Thrones” on the couch with my husband and cats.