Constellation Ventures

Jennifer Evans

VP, Ventures

Briefly, tell us about your role and what it and your team represent for Constellation Brands?
I am the Vice President of Constellation Ventures, Constellation’s venture capital group. We are a strategic, minority investor in high potential brands that represent the future of the beverage alcohol industry.

How is Constellation Brands changing / evolving its strategies through Ventures to meet consumer needs?
We are laser-focused on finding and investing in brands that are driving category growth. To accomplish this, it’s imperative that we stay on top of the latest consumer trends and that we really understand the needs that are driving those trends. We spend a lot of time researching not just where consumers are going, but why they’re moving in a particular direction.

What opportunities does the Venture function offer for Constellation Brands and the industry, e.g., Focus on Female Founders?
Ventures provides Constellation with opportunities to make strategic bets on what’s going to drive growth in the future. The very nature of what we do means we’re pretty plugged in to the industry and the latest consumer trends. We’re able to bring these insights to other groups within Constellation, as well as to our Venture partners.

Across the industry, we’re also committed to increasing representation of female-led businesses. Constellation’s Focus on Female Founders initiative is investing in incredible female-led businesses that are doing disruptive and innovative work across the industry.

How would you describe the culture at Constellation?
Constellation has a really entrepreneurial culture. People are empowered and encouraged to make an impact. Ideas are really listened to and, over time, you can really see the difference that your contributions have made.