Christy Clark

Senior Advisor, Bennett Jones LLP

Ms. Clark serves as a senior advisor at Bennett Jones LLP, an internationally recognized and leading Canadian law firm, where she advises clients on matters related to infrastructure, international trade, natural resources and other factors needed to achieve sustained and profitable growth. Prior to joining Bennett Jones, Ms. Clark held a variety of roles in Canadian government, including her most recent role as Premier of British Columbia – Canada’s third largest province – for six-and-a-half years from 2011 to 2017. In addition, she has served as a director of Shaw Communications Inc., a Canadian telecommunications company, since June 2018, and of Recipe Unlimited Corporation, a Canadian full-service restaurant company, since May 2018. Ms. Clark is also an Advisor for ThoughtWire Corp., an organization focused on advancing the Canadian technology sector. Ms. Clark brings to the Board extensive leadership experience, as well as valuable insights into Canadian and international markets, fiscal management and government relations. She has an extensive history of supporting profitable growth within the business community.