Dress for Success empowers women to achieve personal and professional success – a commitment that Constellation Brands is proud to support year-round.

Specifically, the “Lean In” Circles Program advances leadership skills by bringing together women from all walks of life to give and receive mentorship and create a place to be unapologetically ambitious.

We connected with Andrea Sanrocco, Senior Product Manager, IT at Constellation Brands and a Dress for Success mentor, and mentees Yolanda Diaz and Tiisha Thomas, to learn more about the programs’ ongoing resources and continued impact.

Question: How did you get involved in the Dress for Success mentorship program?

Andrea: At this point in my career, I have become restless to give back. Enabling women to learn from other women, and at the same time bolster each other, was where I felt a strong sense to lean in. At the start of Covid, when I had more time to reflect, this became even clearer to me.

Yolanda: I decided to get involved to gain confidence, improve my interpersonal skills, and receive support from positive professional women.

Tiisha: I got involved with Dress for Success’ mentorship program when I was referred by a friend I met in college. We both faced professional challenges even though we both have college degrees. My friend believed that being involved with Dress for Success would be beneficial to me personally and professionally, by allowing me to learn and grow, be inspired, and interact with women who have or had personal and professional challenges as well.

Question: How has Dress for Success impacted your career?

Andrea: Dress for Success has allowed me to stretch and flourish in my leadership skills both within Constellation Brands and our communities. It’s made me feel more engaged at work and ultimately has made me a better person and a better employee. The leaders at Dress for Success so appreciate our partnership. We have formed a real bond like no other I have experienced before.

Yolanda: Dress for Success has positively impacted my life through their consistent encouragement, training and workshops, and their gentle way of always meeting the clients where they are.

Tiisha: Dress for Success has impacted my career by allowing me to participate in and attend various programs while interacting with women from all walks of life. These interactions have inspired me to want to be and do better personally and professionally. Dress for Success has also helped me to understand the importance of networking, building professional relationships, sharing, and believing in myself. At work, I have taken on more opportunities that are beneficial to me and to my organization. I have volunteered to participate in professional development programs where I can work on projects and give presentations, which I was not comfortable doing in the past. I also developed professional relationships at work and identified a mentor who has helped me develop further.

Question: What do you believe is the value of mentorship, particularly for women in the workforce?

Andrea: I would have to say, perspective and support in a safe space. Knowing someone is in your corner with experience and wisdom outside of your existing circles, is an invaluable way to create real positive momentum for women, and our capabilities in the workplace.

Yolanda: I believe the value of mentorship is helping women in a meaningful way achieve their personal and professional goals. This can be achieved by mentors providing guidance, advice, and ongoing support.

Tiisha: The value of mentorship, particularly for women in the workforce, is increased understanding of the challenges we face and how we can overcome. Some of those challenges may include advancement barriers or work-life balance. Mentorship can help women feel more comfortable and confident to achieve opportunities or goals that they did not perceive as attainable while advancing or navigating their careers.