At Constellation Brands, understanding, supporting, and celebrating the Hispanic consumer is core to our business as we aim to authentically connect with the communities where we live and work and build brands that people love.

Our approach is grounded in data-driven and actionable insights aligned with the consumer-led decision-making that is foundational to the business. Below are key takeaways from our ongoing research that outline how the Hispanic population is evolving and why our products continue to resonate with this demographic.

Did you know?

Hispanic consumers in the United States have experienced an exciting growth trajectory over the past several years.

  • 60% of total U.S. population growth over the last five years has come from Hispanic consumers1.
  • Hispanic consumers control $2 trillion in purchasing power with a 15-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5%2.
  • 4 million (17.3%) of the legal drinking age (LDA) U.S. population is Hispanic1.

By 2030, it is projected that 20% of the LDA U.S. population — that’s 50 million people — will identify as Hispanic1. That means the opportunity to deliver for these consumers in an authentic way continues to expand and evolve.

Connecting With Hispanic Consumers

It’s important to note, of course, that Hispanic consumers are quite diverse. Someone may use terms like “Hispanic,” or others to describe their ethnicity or their race if they originate from a Spanish-speaking country, whether that is Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, or others.

Diversity across generation, country of origin, U.S. geographic location, language, and gender all play a role in what Hispanic consumers are looking for and how they interact with brands. However, we have seen some defining and unifying traits and values that are consistent across this population3:

  • Culture-Focused – Hispanic consumers firmly believe in maintaining their cultural heritage. They feel responsible to act as cultural stewards by preserving their ancestors’ cultural traditions and practices, and they often feel a sense of patriotism towards a country besides America. This focus on culture manifests in a variety of ways, with 67% reporting they still take part in traditions and culture from their family’s heritage4.
  • Positivity – Hispanic consumers are optimistic and hopeful about their future in the U.S., both as a population and on an individual level. They are confident they are destined for great things and challenge themselves to achieve success. Hispanic consumers are resilient, with 81% reporting that when they encounter setbacks, they look for solutions to overcome them4
  • Warmth – Hispanic consumers emanate warmth. They want to build relationships with most people they meet and build trust and respect over time. They also forge these relationships by being hospitable and helping others feel welcome. They are emotive and openly share their own feelings and emotions. For many, family relationships are paramount, with 82% of Hispanic consumers saying that family is one of the most important things in their life4.
  • Engaged – Hispanic consumers seek out diversity, and 78% of those surveyed report that they enjoy learning from people who have different perspectives and life experiences from their own. They are cosmopolitan and take pride in being knowledgeable about cultures and places in the world. They are activists, looking for opportunities to support social causes they care about4.

A Growing Opportunity

Constellation’s beer brands are rooted in Mexican heritage, and our portfolio accounts for 92% of the dollars and volume of the Mexican import category5. As the Hispanic consumer increasingly influences culture, our beer portfolio has also seen consistent and accelerated growth.

Modelo Especial has continued to be the top driver of growth in the category6. Recent Modelo marketing campaigns like “The Mark of a Fighter” have consistently demonstrated the “positivity” trait that we know resonates with Hispanic consumers’ determination to “challenge themselves to seek success,” as well as the general market consumer. Authentic celebrations of cultural moments like “Cinco Auténtico” and Día de Los Muertos have also resonated and reinforced the brand’s heritage.

Corona Extra remains the No. 1 most loved U.S. beer brand with general market and Hispanic consumers and is continuing to grow7. And our ongoing presence as the official cerveza of Major League Baseball (MLB) and our consumer-loved campaign, “La Vida Más Fina,” continues to fuel exciting growth.

Hispanic culture and flavors also inform Constellation Brands’ innovation strategy as shown by Modelo Chelada and Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas, which are both inspired by popular beverages found in Mexico. Modelo Chelada is made with authentic Mexican beer and vibrant fruit flavors and spices and continues to deliver on consumers’ desire for flavor variety. Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas is a line of vibrant and flavorful spiked malt beverages that celebrate the bold, fruit-forward taste of authentic aguas frescas found in Mexican street markets.

Additionally, our tequila products Casa Noble and Mi CAMPO are produced in Mexico using the highest quality agave and a commitment to sustainability and best practices in the field. Mi CAMPO reflects the “culture-focus” by applying modern-day knowledge and creativity to an age-old spirit, drawing inspiration from Mexico City, and celebrating the energy of young innovators across the arts, design, craftsmanship and mixology. These products have been increasingly popular with Hispanic consumers and general market consumers as demand continues to grow.

Supporting the Hispanic consumer is deep in our DNA, and we look forward to continually evolving our understanding and support of this diverse, dynamic, and growing population to deliver brands and products that people love.


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