Cultivating a best-in-class, diverse, and equitable workforce is key to attracting and retaining top talent needed to enable our business strategy. As Carlos Butler-Vale, Vice President, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, explains, “Over the years, the DEI team has been intentional about working in partnership with a variety of stakeholders with a focus on delivering and driving more value for the business. Our efforts and initiatives give back to the bottom line, helping us increase efficiency, mitigate risks, retain and acquire new customers and employees, and so much more. For our employees, it gives them increased opportunities to be heard and feel seen, both of which are key drivers of engagement and connection to the work and each other.”

This year, we are recognizing individuals through our annual Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards who have demonstrated a commitment and progress toward one or more of our DEI strategic pillars: Best-In-Class Diverse Workforce, Inclusive Culture, and Social/Community Equity. These outstanding winners, representing teams and business units across the globe, have collaborated with their colleagues, including our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and other internal networks, to make a lasting impact.

“I am inspired every day by the passion and dedication of our employees to go above and beyond to live our Worth Reaching For vision and to drive our business forward. Our people are foundational to building an inclusive culture, where best-in-class, diverse talent can thrive,” says Mike McGrew, EVP, Chief Communications, Strategy, ESG & Diversity Officer.

Cynthia Lucía Hernández, Supervisor, Engineer, Nava Brewery, México

Cynthia, a vocal champion for diversity and inclusion, was nominated for this award by multiple colleagues. She actively organizes events in support of the LGBTQ+ community at the Nava Brewery and educates new hires about the brewery’s commitment to a safe and inclusive work environment. As co-lead of the Pride BRG in México and a passionate advocate for all BRGs, Cynthia empowers team members by educating them about the opportunities these groups offer.

“Constellation Brands values the people who work here. This is clear by the high level of participation in the various BRGs and our strong company culture. The increasing employee involvement in these initiatives reflects the organization’s commitment to fostering this positive environment,” says Cynthia.

Kiana Biletzky, Senior Director, Business Acceleration, U.S.

Kiana’s colleagues nominated her for this award to highlight the work she has done in establishing the Digital Talent Engine team, which sources and develops new team members for the Digital Business Acceleration (DBA) organization. Kiana champions diversity and inclusion through innovative recruiting methods, a comprehensive Independent Learning Journey approach, and designed career paths for both technical and non-technical talent. Under her leadership, DBA has made significant progress in building a best-in-class workforce.

“The benefits of our DEI efforts extend beyond the employees and Constellation Brands, and into the communities in which we live and work. When our colleagues participate in important community events, support local organizations focused on creating a level playing field and removing barriers for disadvantaged populations, or engage in difficult conversations at home about critical issues, these workplace-driven impacts become multipliers for positive change in the community,” says Kiana.

Mauricio Ramirez, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing, Modelo Oro & Modelo Especial, U.S.

As Modelo’s Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Mauricio revitalized the Hispanic Commercial Task Force, unlocking new commercial opportunities and cultivating a pipeline of Hispanic commercial leaders. He bridged the gap between the U.S. Beer Commercial and Beer Operations teams, fostering stronger communication and collaboration. A skilled communicator, Mauricio has increased the visibility of work across both U.S. and México teams.

“My advice for leaders aiming to build diverse and inclusive teams is to start by making sure your team reflects the diversity of your customer base. Take a good look around and see who’s missing from the picture, then bring in different backgrounds and perspectives – even if it is just consulting others outside of your team. If you’re already a diverse leader with a seat at the table, remember that your voice matters – you’re speaking up for those who share your experiences. Use your platform to make sure everyone’s voice gets considered,” says Mauricio.

Erika Olguin, Director, Legal, México

Erika’s colleagues nominated her for this award in recognition of her passion and commitment to diversity initiatives at Constellation. She has been instrumental to the WISE México BRG, spearheading events like the "WISE Networking Sessions" in Nava and a conference commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence. Erika fosters a truly inclusive environment by actively incorporating diverse thoughts and perspectives into the BRG’s activities. She also shares her own experiences, serving as a guide and inspiration to others.

My advice to other leaders is to talk the talk and walk the walk. We need leaders who believe in, promote, and incentivize diverse and inclusive environments, and who practice these beliefs and actions in their everyday lives. We live and learn by example, so we need leaders to pave the way,” says Erika.

Fabio Turrini, Cellar Manager, Pontassieve Winery, Italy

Fabio’s colleagues nominated him for his exceptional leadership qualities, particularly his ability to manage and develop cross-generational teams. Notably, Fabio has played an instrumental role in supporting the professional development of women at our Ruffino Winery. A strong supporter of Ruffino’s Women Empowerment Strategy, his leadership has helped enhance female representation in key roles within our winery operations in Italy. By leveraging his experience, he has demonstrably improved the work environment and fostered a culture of inclusivity.

“The advice I would like to give to all leaders is to set respect for the person as the main objective for personal and professional growth. Try every day to put into practice the good values of Constellation Brands,” says Fabio.