Richard Sands

Mr. Sands is the Chairman of the Board of the Company.  He has been employed by the Company in various capacities since 1979.  Mr. Sands was elected Chairman of the Board in September 1999.  He served as Chief Executive Officer from October 1993 to July 2007; as President from May 1986 to December 2002; as Chief Operating Officer from May 1986 to October 1993; and as Executive Vice President from 1982 to May 1986.  Mr. Sands has not served as a director of any other public company during the past five years.  Mr. Sands is the brother of Robert Sands, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and a son of the Company’s founder, the late Mr. Marvin Sands.  He is also a significant stockholder of the Company.  Mr. Sands brings to the Board a depth and breadth of knowledge of the Company based on nearly forty years of service, which includes over 13 years of service as Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Sands has extensive experience with the Company’s management, operations and strategic direction, as well as substantial knowledge regarding the beverage alcohol industry.