Our People: Peter Marks Finds His Dream Job

Peter Marks didn’t start his career path with Constellation Brands but he’s had an interesting long-term connection with the company. He quipped that he’s always telling people he has been working for Robert Mondavi his entire career - first as a wine retailer selling Robert Mondavi wines for 21 years, then as wine director for seven years at Copia, and at The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts, a non-profit cultural center started by Robert Mondavi and Julia Child.

When Peter eventually joined Constellation as vice president of wine education and master of wine, he felt that he had finally found his true purpose. “I’m not looking to work in another part of our business. I’ve found my dream job and I’d like to stay here until it’s time to share the dream with someone else.”

He is grateful to be involved in such an amazing industry. As he shared, “Fun should be Constellation Brands’ middle name! I love that we have so many employee office events, the ability to purchase our brands at a discount, plus local contests and team-building events that ensure no day is the same as another.”

Peter shared that he was first drawn to our business by the opportunity to “cultivate an amazing team of wine educators who could help grow our business by fostering passion for our brands and a culture for wine and spirits.” 

“Constellation Academy of Wine creates tools and services that add value to what our salespeople can offer their customers, thereby becoming a trusted friend. We are actually continuing the pioneering educational efforts that Robert Mondavi started 50 years ago, leveraging the insights and expertise from other teams to be best-in-class for wine and spirits education.”

Success comes easiest with strong collaboration. Peter’s team works closely with many different departments to create educational materials and deliver training programs for our internal and external customers. “We partner with operations, HR, all departments throughout the sales and marketing organization, and even finance and IT to be successful in meeting our goals. All of these teams are very supportive in what we do,” he noted.

“It’s amazing and fun to have all this talent, to be able to learn from each other, and to make and sell fantastic wines. I’m proud of the fact that even though we’re a large company, we support the little guys and small companies in many ways, every day.”

“When industry colleagues hear that I work for Constellation Brands, some say, ‘Wow, you work for a huge company making mass marketed wines.’ Yes, we make and sell those types of wines because that’s what many consumers demand. And we’re successful because we have the insights to understand these consumers, the operations team to produce delicious, affordable wines, the marketing people to reach these consumers, and a professional sales team to make them widely available.

Yet, we also produce incredible, high-end wines from ideal vineyard sites, made by talented, unique winemaking teams, and all with inimitable stories – wines that others try to replicate but can’t. I love to deflate the myths about working for a large company.”

We should all be passionate about what we do here. “There’s nothing better than receiving a compliment or appreciation of thanks from a colleague or customer. That’s really why we love what we do. I call it the ‘psychological paycheck.’ Moreover, I truly value the contributions from my team and others I have the privilege to work with.”

Creating ambassadors – both inside and outside of work - is what Peter loves best. “We elevate life by offering a means to relax, de-stress and lead a healthier, balanced life. My family and friends love that I work for Constellation Brands because I get to share our great products with them all the time. As far as my friends are concerned, I think many of them are envious – I mean, who wouldn’t want to work here!?”