Kim Crawford Wines Shoots New Ad Campaign at Live Event

Kim Crawford Wines Taps Famed Fashion Photographer Miles Aldridge to Shoot New Advertising Campaign Live Amidst Interactive Art Event  
Brand  enlists  invited  guests  to  be  featured  in  images    

Kim  Crawford  Wines,  producer  of  an  award‐winning  portfolio  of  New  Zealand  wines  and established  leader  of  luxury‐priced  Sauvignon  Blanc,  announces  its  2012  nationwide  advertising campaign  launching  this  summer  and  featuring  the  provocative  tagline  “Undo  Ordinary.”  Highly‐acclaimed  photographer,  Miles  Aldridge,  photographed  the  unprecedented  campaign  live  during Kim  Crawford’s  one‐night‐only  art  experience  at  New  York  City’s  Cedar  Lake  Studios.  In  the  spirit of  spontaneity,  invitations  to  the  art  event,  titled  “Undone,”  were  disguised  as  an  evening exhibition showcasing  the  famed  photographer’s  work.  Guests  soon  learned  that  the  event  was  more  than just  an  opportunity  to  view  art—it  was  a  chance  to  become  it.  Pulled  from  the  party  and  onto elaborate  sets,  guests  were  featured  in  the  very  art  they  came  to  see.  Attendees  entered  as partygoers  and  left  as  stars  of  Kim  Crawford’s  2012  advertising  campaign.     

“Shooting  a  campaign  in  the  midst  of  a  live  event  is  a  challenge,  but  also  an  idea  that  intrigued me,”  said  Aldridge.  “My  plan  was  to  shoot  a  series  of  specially  designed  sets  and  scenarios  that evoke  the  playful  side  of  the  brand.  The  intent  was  to  leave  the  door  open  for  any  spontaneous inspiration  from  the  party  guests  to  create  surprising  and  original  ampaign  imagery.”  

The  Kim  Crawford  “Undo  Ordinary”  campaign  defies  the  traditional  conventions  of  wine  advertising and  lives  up  to  the  playful  and  rebellious  roots  of  Kim  Crawfod’s  founders.  Incorporating  vibrant colors,  whimsical  imagery  and  high‐fashion  photography,  the  result  is  a  look  and  feel  that  is premium,  confident  and  unexpectedly  bold.  In  an  attempt  to  embrace  the  philosophy  of  the  brand, the  campaign  emphasizes  to  consumers  that  when  they  live  in  the  moment  and  defy expectations, they  “Undo  Ordinary.”  

To  produce  the  extraordinary  photos,  three  elaborate  set  designs  placed  at  the  center  of  the  interactive  art  event  became  the  stage  for  the  campaign  to  come  to  lif.  Each  set  portrayed  different  and  unexpected  ways  to  enjoy  Kim  Crawford.  In  one  scene,  titled  “A‐Flutter,”  brightly‐colored  butterflies  flew  across  an  all‐white  lounge  carrying  bottles  of  wine  to  chic  guests  enjoying  music  by  a  couture‐clad  pianist.  In  the  next  set,  playfully  named  “Fly  By,”  a  character  magically  emerged  from  a  painting  in  a  fuchsia  room  to  pour  glasses  of  Sauvignon  Blanc  to  a  model  swaying  on  a  swig,  all  amidst  a  cocktail  soiree.  In  the  final  set,  titled  “Stirred  Up,”  friends  mingled  at  a  dinner  party  in  a  modern  and  stylized  kitchen  with  sleek  gold  counters  and  white  accents.  An  oversized  tiger  ice  sculpture  chilled  bottles  of  Kim  Crawford  while  party  guests  enjoyed  delectable  gold‐encrusted  food.    

“Through  this  campaign,  we  wanted  to  convey  Kim  Crawford’s  history  of  innovative  thinking,  pushing  boundaries  and  challenging  routine,”  said  Ingrid  Bekkers,  Marketing  Director  for  Kim  Crawford.  “Being  imaginative  and  spontaneous  fills  us  with  excitement  and  who  better  to  capture  this  than  Miles  Aldridge?  His  photography  explores  new  frontiers,  challenges  conventions  and  excites  the  senses—much  like  the  taste  of  Kim  Crawford.    

“Undo  Ordinary”  will  break  nationwide  in  summer  2012  as  a  multi‐media  program  with  an  online,  print,  outdoor  and  social  media  presence.  The  brand’s  print  campaign,  created  by  Kim  Crawford’s  agency,  180LA,  under  the  direction  of  Creative  Director,  Gavin  Milner,  will  run  in  key  luxury  and  trade  publications  including  Elle,  Elle  Décor,  Harper’s  Bazaar,  Details,  DWELL  and  Wine  Enthusiast.     

“In  order  to  live  up  to  our  new  tagline  ‘Undo  Ordinary,’  we  created  a  print  campaign  that  was  not  only  elegant  and  beautiful,  but  completely  unique;  from  the  images  we  captured,  to  how  we  captured  them,  the  process  was  just  as  important  as  the  end  result,”  said  Milner.    

Together  with  digital  agency  Organic,  Inc.,  Kim  Crawford  will  also  launch  a  new  socially‐driven  campaign  existing  on  the  brand’s  website,  Facebook  and  Twitter  pages.  Building  on  the  brand’s  legacy  of  creativity,  the  digital  component  will  inspire  people  to  break  out  of  routines  and  see  life  in  a  different  light.  It  will  serve  as  an  incremental  catalyst  to  the  'unexpected  you'  and  give  participants  new  and  interesting  ways  to  share  these  enlivened  perspectives.   


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