Corona Light Ditches the Herd with New Ad Campaign

Corona Light’s new advertising campaign takes affectionate aim at beer-loving guys (21–29) and asks them to aspire to something a little different from their usual domestic-light-beer routine. The new campaign features a liberated talking sheep that encourages beer drinkers to strike out on their own and “Ditch the Herd.” The new campaign will debut on April 1.

A sheep doesn’t usually play guitar, hunt or high-five in football games—unless it’s a talking sheep and it has a taste for Corona Light beer. And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

The sheep may look familiar because it appeared (for all of two seconds) in one of Corona Light’s 2012 TV ads, which showed how breaking a routine by choosing a Corona Light over the all-too-familiar brown bottle could have a domino effect and alter the course of a whole night. Then, it was a walk-on part. In 2013 the sheep breaks out to achieve its own fame.

Director Larry Charles (Seinfeld,Entourage,Curb Your Enthusiasm) and an established comedic voice guide a sheep-that’s-a-guy-who’s-really-a-sheep through the world of the modern beer drinker in the new, innovative campaign.

“We have found that Corona Light’s target consumer—the 21–to-29-year-old college-educated beer drinker—is craving to switch things up with a light beer that’s different from the same old same old,” said Jim Sabia, chief marketing officer at Crown Imports. “The sheep’s ability to serve as a spokesperson for what Corona Light stands for really got us excited about this campaign. For the message to truly resonate, we knew we had to break through with something loud and different, and the ‘Ditch the Herd’ campaign is just that.”

The campaign begins online on April 1 and reaches broadcast on April 15.  The new TV spots are available for viewing on Corona Light’s brand channel on YouTube:

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