Constellation Wines U.S. Receives Award for Solar Initiative

On December 8 the North Bay Business Journal will present Constellation Wines U.S. (CWUS) with a 2010 Projects Award for its California solar initiative.
In September, CWUS announced a major expansion of its solar energy initiative as part of its ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  The company plans to invest in three new solar energy installations across California at its Clos du Bois winery in Geyserville; Ravenswood winery in Sonoma; and Estancia winery in Monterey County. The projects build on the company's solar initiative which began in 2009 with the inaugural installation at the Gonzales winery in Gonzales, Calif.  
Approximately 17,000 solar panels will be installed at the four wineries by the end of 2010, making the initiative the largest solar footprint in the U.S. wine industry. The solar power generated is projected to cover most if not all of the wineries' energy needs. The systems will provide the Estancia and Ravenswood wineries with 100 percent of their annual power and 75 percent of the needs of Clos du Bois and 60 percent of Gonzales.
"The four systems will have a combined solar power of 3.95 megawatt DC, which is equivalent to 4.5 million pounds of emitted carbon being removed from the atmosphere. This amount equates to 9 million miles not driven annually or 226 million miles not driven over the next 25 years, a sizeable reduction," said Greg Fowler, senior vice president of operations for Constellation Wines U.S.
More information on the award is available on the North Bay Business Journal's website.