Working at Constellation

We believe Constellation is a place where you can elevate yourself and others to new heights to achieve great things now and in the future. For us, that’s what it means to Be Stellar, and here’s what it takes:


Be Passionate
Immerse yourself in our brands and our business. Develop a deep passion for what we do and let it shine through in every interaction with customers, partners and colleagues. Never stop learning and sharing.
Be Purposeful
Know why you’re here – how your job fits into the big picture and contributes to company results. Tap your expertise and experiences to offer solutions, provide another point of view and challenge the status quo. Speak up when you see an opportunity or a potential risk. Make your mark on our business and on the land, people and communities where we live and work.
Be Driven
Dig deep to reach your full potential and be results focused. Challenge yourself to be better and deliver more than expected.  Be ready to do the hard work needed to achieve big dreams. Draw energy and inspiration from those around you. Keep raising the bar for yourself and your colleagues. 
Be Collaborative
Share your knowledge, ideas and solutions to help us achieve our goals and perform as a team. Be open to others’ contributions. Don’t wait for answers – find or create them. Take advantage of our assets and knowledge to solve and prevent problems. Join us in recognizing and celebrating accomplishments as colleagues and friends. 
Have Fun
Bring your true self and spirit to work every day. Laugh, enjoy, and elevate life.     


Should you have any questions on our hiring process or online submittal system, please consult the Q&A tab here.





Current employees are required to apply through the company intranet. You must be on the network or connected via VPN to view and apply for career opportunities.


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